What does a marketing consultancy do?

What does a marketing consultancy do?  This is a question often asked of me. It’s not an easy one to define because in the most part a consultancy evolves out of the experience of an individual or group of individuals.  So my answer to the question may be different to another marketing consultancy with a different marketing skillset.

Marketing is vast but for a stab at clarity, marketing generally falls into the broad areas of Strategy, Research (often practised together but two very different skill sets) and Marketing Communications (which is not strategic in itself but which is informed by strategy at a higher level).  Marketing communications could be prefixed with digital but because so much is digital, it is not necessary to make the distinction.

To some extent, ‘marketing communications’ has been superceded by ‘content marketing’ which was borne out of a need to be search engine friendly.  I take the view that it is a more sophisticated extension of traditional PR. But not everything is about the internet;  some businesses still find value in promotional items or in networking or in a flyer.  These are all marketing communications and it is the right mix of digital and non-digital that produces the optimum results.

There are always exceptions, and disruptors by their very nature will turn a model on its head.  For the most part though, in the right here and now, the majority of businesses are regular; they’re established and not in a position to re-invent themselves.  That is where a marketing consultancy like Finkk Marketing will fit into your world; if you are a regular business in a digital world.  We’ve been around long enough to help you get the right marketing balance.

Here is a snapshot of what we do as a marketing consultancy – and it is varied, but that’s down to many years experience:

Independent School – school website, persona development, article writing and curation ideas, conceptual advertising campaign in magazines, metrics and measurement.

Industrial b2b – customer journeys, lead generation, metrics to match reach against marketing and sales qualified leads and ultimately the sale itself.  Development of a process to monitor progress and draw conclusions from marketing activity. CPC, content marketing, exhibitions, self-hosted seminars.

Local brewery – social media marketing management as part of content marketing.  Work on metrics and marketing planning from a more strategic perspective.

Independent School 2 – Website design and development, Design and management of Prospectus’s for Prep, Senior and Sixth Forms.

As a marketing practitioner, my skills encompass both strategy and tactical on a ratio of 1:2; I spend more time operationally than I do developing strategy but that is a lot to do with the client mix at any given time.  I also write marketing content, from classic PR to SEO driven content marketing.  I conceptualise with my designers to create new and different campaign advertisements for clients and brief in website design and build requirements.

So that is my Marketing Consultancy.  To refer to Finkk Marketing as a digital marketing agency sits more comfortably for some but we’re not just digital!  It ignores the good old fashioned conceptualising of marketing campaign visuals that is still a part of what we do.