The Usefulness of Personas

Developing personas is not new, in fact they’re becoming less widely used and yet they’re a really practical way to ensure you’re targeting your audience in the most efficient way possible.  What we all aim for is to find that less crowded route to our audience, the one where we may just gain exclusive access to the ears and eyes of importance to us.  And the only way of doing this is to understand our audience as human beings.

A persona is a fictional character that communicates the primary characteristics of a group of users, identified and selected as a key target” cited by

While creating personas is typical practice for website design companies to better understand their particular website user, creating personas is also very useful to really nail a target audience definition and split it out into practical segments.  It makes for better honing of any content generated and for placing that content where it will be actually discovered and appreciated.

Hubspot provides a checklist to start developing personas.  You can also add a name and even a caricature, to really start to develop an empathy with that person, that group of people exhibiting similar characteristics. The deeper we come to know our audience – our customers – the more we (or our organisation) can differentiate simply by how we communicate with them.