The importance of marketing across channel as Google move into vertical search

Google listings across vertical industries are going to be rolled out more heavily this year according to Kevin Gibbons reporting through, as the Knowledge Graph data is put to use.  The Knowledge Graph, being developed  by Google, Microsoft, Facebook and other key players, is intended to interpret our search queries in an intelligent way and provide a more accurate answer to our, quite often, question based query.  

Google is the point in question because evidence can already be seen of it tapping into vertical markets – finance and travel being two of the most evident so far.  This means your organic listing will often see Google comparison results ahead of it.  Suddenly, a new formidable competitor is on the scene in your industry.

It highlights the point about having an integrated communications strategy across channels – this means both online and offline – and not becoming too hung up on SEO within Google i.e being ‘found’ in Google.  It also highlights the importance of branding and giving your customer a better user experience all round.

It doesn’t mean wildly scattering a marketing budget across multiple channels; rather more researching and understanding your buyers’ customer journey and provide targeted communications at each stage – this means using the appropriate mix of digital and traditional media – at the right time and with the right (consistent) message depending on the stage in the journey.  Ironically, Google have much of the insight to discover this – and these tools are free.

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