Localised Digital Marketing: How Brands Like Airbnb And WeWork Are Leading The Way

A four-point checklist on localised digital marketing, after investigating what are becoming two iconic case studies Airbnb and WeWork.  Of course, the four-point checklist only hints at what has made these two enterprises what they are, but for the small to medium sized established business, seeing new ways of looking at their own business can often kick-start a new way of thinking for competitive advantage.  I’ve highlighted a soundbite from Neumann, founder of WeWork, as this aptly rounds up where marketing is today for the latest generation of entrepreneurs and where established businesses may find inspiration.  This article starts with localised digital marketing inspired by the strategies employed by Airb2b and WeWork.

Localised digital marketing is a key contributor to the success of many companies online. Local businesses are some of the slowest to adapt to digital technologies and digital marketing strategies. That’s because small local business owners have to wear many hats, and with so many responsibilities, staying on top […]



Neumann tells how he’s just come from an event organised by JP Morgan, the bankers who are one of WeWork’s backers, where someone spoke at length about his marketing plan. “Our business is the exact opposite! We don’t need to spend money on marketing. Because we’re part of a mission and a movement. And if you’re part of a mission and a movement, your members will sell you. If they’re doing something great that makes them feel good and they’re excited about it, they’ll post it. Everyone wants to be part of something.”

But then why would he be? WeWork is a shark to other offices’ minnows. Last August it was valued at $10bn. That’s up from $5bn a few months previously, up from $1.5bn a few months before that.

Airbnb: 6 things we can learn from Airbnb’s marketing strategy

Everything they do is to create that special moment when their guest says: “Wow, this is so much better than hotel.” It is in that moment they create a customer for life.