How to make the most of Facebook in 2018

How to make the most of Facebook in 2018 is all about understanding the current trends and working them.  Learn more in this introduction, which ends with a link to a practical post with screenshots.

If you’ve used Facebook for a long time as a business and been rewarded with decent organic reaches for your efforts, you will not want to fall by the wayside as Facebook’s algorithm change on 11 January 2018 flexes its muscles.  Facebook’s intent is to favour personal content over news, particularly with the rise of fake news.  However, it also means that genuine organic news from businesses and media outlets has also taken a hit leaving many decent businesses feeling somewhat affronted that their well crafted and well-intentioned organic content has slumped from a 15-20% chance of organic reach, down to roughly 6.5%. Rather than pack up your page and jump ship, consider first working with the change.

There are 3 trends that are widely spoken about and which are scored EASY, MEDIUM, MORE DIFFICULT by Finkk, to indicate time commitment in addition to skill level.

  1. Facebook Live Video – From mobile app – Easy; from desktop – Medium (depends on your familiarity with your own PC or Mac’s webcam functionality)
  2. Using the diverse ad types now on offer from Facebook – Easy/Medium
  3. Influencer marketing – More difficult

So there are no quick and easy routes unless you have familiarity with video for example.

Then, think beyond the normal awareness or consideration goals.  As suggests, Facebook could make a good platform for Customer Service as long as you’re able to support it well enough.  It doesn’t have to be for ‘publicity’ or content marketing at all.

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