How to do Facebook targeted Ads

Our introductory post explained 2018 marketing trends concerning Facebook and this post looks at Facebook’s targetted ads.  Many businesses got used to getting at least some publicity out of free organic content and the thought of paying for ads in order to maintain at least the same level of exposure has become a harder bug to bear.

However, in order to perhaps take a proportion of the Google Ads market, Facebook has really tried to offer some alternative presentations which are highly visual and attractive and that a business owner can create themselves with a little bit of time and effort.  The key is also in the word ‘targeted’, as Facebook’s target audience definition knocks spots off Google AdWords.  There are options to hone your target audience by profiling against your own database names, against your MailChimp mailing list and other options shown below.

Many guides are too brief in terms of explaining how you go about creating a Facebook targeted campaign.  The link to our infographic Facebook Targeted Advertising provides Facebook’s outline covering 3 main steps.  It is useful to visualise the 3 main steps as the ad platform interface has changed.  However, if you’re less familiar with navigating around the platform, you’ll also need screenshots which I helped a client with recently.

First, you will need to login to your personal account, otherwise you will not see the relevant dropdown to the right.  It’s all too easy to think you can do it from your Business page, but this is only the case for sponsored posts.  From the dropdown, click on ‘Create Ads’.

Facebook targeted ads 1

This will bring you to the screen below, where you first set your goal.  Options fall under the 3 headings of Awareness, Consideration, Conversion.  Unless you feel you need Brand Awareness, a good option is to go for Traffic under Consideration.  If you think about where a customer may be on the journey to your product or service, and if you think they know of you but need to consider you vis a vis the competition, then this option suits perfectly.

facebook targeted ads 2You will then be required to set up an account.  The next section brings you onto Audience Definition, which is really where Facebook’s own help-page (words within Infographic) begins.

Facebook targeted ads 3

This is where you see the detail on Create a Custom Audience, with ample help against each icon in terms of how you’re going to define your targeted audience

Facebook targeted ads 4

Drilling down into customer file provides these options – to import an Excel file from your own database to match against or an import from MailChimp.  There is also a more advanced option for those who want to consider Customer Lifetime Value (CLV).

Facebook targeted ads

You will notice your progress by looking at the left-hand column, and with budgets and ad creation to go, you’re about halfway through, bearing in mind these exercises always take longer than you imagine.  It pretty much follows the bouncing ball from this point.

The third post in the series looks at a third main trend for 2018 which has arisen out of the new Facebook algorithm and that’s Influencer Marketing, largely because ‘Influencers’ speaks for themselves, as opposed to on behalf of a company or from behind a news screen.