How Marketing Technology Is Recasting the CMO Role

How Marketing Technology Is Recasting the CMO Role

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Although the article in AdWeek relates to the bigger company with a Chief Marketing Officer (CMO), marketing technology is developing at such a pace that it is achievable for many much smaller companies to jump onboard; young companies particularly who aren’t saddled with more traditional CRM and marketing systems, where the transition is much more complex.

Whoever is in the decision-making seat, here is one common factor – “understanding how marketing dollars drive sales outcomes is a powerful piece of knowledge” with “marketing technology creating more clarity to this end than ever before”.

The next big step is choosing the right level of marketing technology for your business and it starts from simple to something a little more sophisticated as today’s cloud-based systems integrate with each other.  Marketing technologies for smaller companies are designed to grow with the company, giving you chance to learn about what you really want out of such a system before over-committing.

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