Eight free content calendar templates to help plan your output

Content marketing only works when planned.  Throwing out the odd article, blog or news item is neither satisfying or productive but planning ahead and setting a few measurable objectives is.  There is no better place to start than with a simple manual planner to help organise your thoughts or your team’s thoughts.  If you get the fundamental planning and metric setting right this way, then in time you could progress to an automated content planner which often forms part of a marketing automation system like InfusionSoft.

E-Consultancy have selected the following content calendar templates, one we’ve modified for use for some of our clients.  It’s simple and it’s effective once you tinker with a chosen one to make it work best for you.  There is also a WordPress plugin option.  Organise yourself with some easy tips from E-Consultancy:

.. all this delicious content doesn’t just create itself unfortunately. It requires strategy and planning in order to come up with blogs, white papers, videos, websites or whatever else you’re producing to engage with […]

Note that there is a newer link to the Content Marketing Institute’s calendar template