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Content marketing can be broken down into a 4-phase process

Content marketing is no easy ride. But for the young, small or more traditional business, this should not be a deterrent; in fact some degree of content marketing is imperative and why would you not want to share your stories. In many ways, content marketing is the sophisticated offspring of more traditional PR.

The key is a threefold understanding of why you’re doing it, what you want to get out of it (because it’s measureable), the need for a plan (without a plan, the content will drift and stop).

Whether a simple or a more sophisticated approach is appropriate, content marketing is structured into a 4-phase process:

1. Content strategy:
Objectives, what and how to measure, customer segments, customer buying stages

2. Content generation:
Personas, keyphrase research, generate content ideas in different formats

3. Content distribution:
Week by week, day by day operational plan, what social or other platforms are being used.

4. Metrics and measurement:
Set up practical and useful reporting metrics

Viewing content as a company asset helps create content that has substance. Social posts spin-off the bigger content projects which get close to marketing goals like adjusting marketplace positioning or changing perceptions. Envisage further down the funnel and content will be used to convert interested parties into action (the actual ‘sale’).

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"If your stories...

...are all about your products and services, that’s not storytelling. It’s a brochure.
Give yourself permission to make the story bigger.
Jay Baer