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Considerations when running a LinkedIn Ad Campaign

How to create a LinkedIn Ad is relatively easy with the LinkedIn step by step guide as you prepare your campaign.  What the guide doesn’t really show however, is how to make LinkedIn Ads which are highly targeted.  This requires more effort on your part because you could be running not just 3 or 4 […]

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The importance of marketing across channel as Google move into vertical search

Google listings across vertical industries are going to be rolled out more heavily this year according to Kevin Gibbons reporting through, as the Knowledge Graph data is put to use.  The Knowledge Graph, being developed  by Google, Microsoft, Facebook and other key players, is intended to interpret our search queries in an intelligent way and […]

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Why Are We Doing Social Marketing Anyway?

Why Are We Doing Social Marketing Anyway?

Why Are We Doing Social Marketing Anyway?. A headline that captured my attention, as one should always question, from time to time, why one does anything. This is a positive article but draws attention to what one may (wrongly) expect a social media marketing campaign to do for their company.  If we use the age […]

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Technology for Marketing

The Technology for Marketing Exhibition at Earl’s Court on 26/27th February this year was buzzing.  I would like to report to all those small to medium sized b2b companies who are unsure of whether or how to commit to a more automated marketing process or indeed to social media marketing, that the industry is still […]

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