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How to use the new Content Editor Gutenberg & Get Going Quickly

Yes, it looks different as you would expect, so rather than be put off by the new look when you next log in to create a post or page, I’ve created a guide on how to use the new content editor Gutenberg. Although there have been mixed reactions from the WP community, I’m a fan […]

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8 Essentials Of Creating A Sustainable Advocacy Programme

Advocacy programs are used by just 20% of brands according to Marketing Charts cited in the Forbes ‘8 essentials of creating a sustainable advocacy programme’ article.  Whenever mulling over a marketing problem to be solved,  taking a fresh look at your current customers is often a good place to start – the customers that are […]

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Where has all the Good Content gone?

Where has all the Good Content gone?

Science research papers are ‘content’ – to apply a marketing term – and we expect them to be ethical, thoroughly researched and the pillar of good content; the ‘paper’ a role model because it is original.  If it is cited, then it’s likely to be debated and challenged from a new perspective (therefore re-introducing original […]

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2015 B2B Content Marketing Benchmarks

Content marketing is never a hard sell and it’s often asked for specifically by clients.  It is not a straightforward request however; in fact, it is an enormous task comprising ‘what to write’, ‘where to write’, ‘when to write’ and how to measure the success of it. What is always infinitely useful is to have […]

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The Usefulness of Personas

Developing personas is not new, in fact they’re becoming less widely used and yet they’re a really practical way to ensure you’re targeting your audience in the most efficient way possible.  What we all aim for is to find that less crowded route to our audience, the one where we may just gain exclusive access […]

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