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What does a marketing consultancy do?

What does a marketing consultancy do?  This is a question often asked of me. It’s not an easy one to define because in the most part a consultancy evolves out of the experience of an individual or group of individuals.  So my answer to the question may be different to another marketing consultancy with a […]

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New Marketing Office in Romsey

New Marketing Office in Romsey

Finkk Marketing has moved from central Salisbury offices to Romsey; Abbey Park Industrial Estate on the southeastern outskirts of the town and backing onto part of the Broadlands Estate.  Romsey was chosen as being closer to the motorway networks and to the major commercial cities and towns in the South. Our nearest client now that we’re […]

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DMA | Article | 10 things B2B marketers need to know about the GDPR and data protection

The Direct Marketing Association (DMA) address, in brief, the concern that much of the attention and debate about GDPR is centred around business to consumer, leaving b2b’s a little confused about how exactly it affects them and how they should respond. One key point from this top 10 is accepting that corporate data is still […]

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How to do Facebook targeted Ads

Our introductory post explained 2018 marketing trends concerning Facebook and this post looks at Facebook’s targetted ads.  Many businesses got used to getting at least some publicity out of free organic content and the thought of paying for ads in order to maintain at least the same level of exposure has become a harder bug […]

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How to make the most of Facebook in 2018

How to make the most of Facebook in 2018 is all about understanding the current trends and working them.  Learn more in this introduction, which ends with a link to a practical post with screenshots. If you’ve used Facebook for a long time as a business and been rewarded with decent organic reaches for your efforts, […]

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