Can I do my own Search Engine Optimisation?

Some important parts of Search Engine Optimisation (SEO), such as content marketing, naturally land in the laps of the business owner or the marketer.  Talking and engaging with your audience about your business in a relevant, helpful and interesting way will help boost your overall search engine ranking.   This has been made even easier to manage and monitor due to the exponential growth of open source website platforms – such as WordPress – which come ready optimised with the facility to ‘do your own’ optimisation as you write posts and refresh the content on your pages.  As long as you have a good website developer to set the site up initially, you could be free of further costly ties, as long as you commit to regular content updates on your website and respond immediately to update requests.  Saying that, it’s a good idea to keep the relationship open with your developer, for any help with software updates or fixes.

Three pillars of SEO are being talked about in 2016.

1. keywords

2. content building

We can discuss each one briefly although they are all closely related

Keywords – build keywords using a keyword tool or use your own market insights or a combination of both.  Search phrases can also be accessed in Google Analytics.  Keywords have always been important but now it is far more refined – the more precise and the longer the phrase, the better.  People rarely search using a keyword of just one word, they use several words, sentences, questions.  if you can hook into a question, you’ll draw traffic to your site.

Content – Content marketing has been growing for a few years now and is, in many ways, a manifestation of traditional PR to suit the new modern world, where corporate speak is less and a new, informal speak is king.  And the means to convey those words and pictures is only as restricted as your imagination – video, infographics, blogs, social posts.   The recipients of your content are also on much more complex buying journey’s.

Link building and content go hand in hand.  Whatever platform or site your content is on, it should ultimately drive traffic back to your website (an incoming link to your website).  Not all content sites are equal.  Google scores a site according to factors like relevancy and freshness of content.  Be sure not to waste your content on a site that isn’t respected by Google.

These 3 topics are huge subject areas.