8 Essentials Of Creating A Sustainable Advocacy Programme

Advocacy programs are used by just 20% of brands according to Marketing Charts cited in the Forbes ‘8 essentials of creating a sustainable advocacy programme’ article.  Whenever mulling over a marketing problem to be solved,  taking a fresh look at your current customers is often a good place to start – the customers that are happy with your product and service – rather than seek out new customers.  And don’t just breathe a sigh of relief that they are a happy customer, see them in a new light – they’re your new sales people and in today’s world, customers buy from their peers, respecting their views far more than your marketing messages.

So, how do you go about this?  The article gives a neat 8 point consideration plan but it still leaves you not knowing exactly HOW to do it. Following a bit of research, there are two ways forward largely depending on how big your company is.  The first is to go to the experts in advocacy programmes where they’ll advise you on what to do and provide some pretty neat software enabling you to do it.  But like many neat software platforms, they’re a little too sophisticated and over deliver where the small company is concerned.  Here are three players: http://customeradvocacy.comhttps://influitive.comhttp://crowdly.com

It’s back to the drawing board BUT using the basic principles of the customer advocacy programme to create your own rather more manual version.  Finkk Marketing is in the process of developing a solution for smaller businesses, which encompasses an advocacy model to adapt for your business.  All the same principles will be applied but in a much simpler, cost efficient way.  If the ‘mini’ programme works for you as a company, then in time, it would be worth transferring this across to a professional software program.

Source: 8 Essentials Of Creating A Sustainable Advocacy Program