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Marketing in its broadest sense is quite a logical discipline but that doesn’t mean it is easy.  It can begin with your mission and vision statements.  This is on the assumption that these are based on thorough insights from market and customer research; often, these do stand the test of time. However, human buying behaviour is far from static  – customers can be transient and fickle.  You either have to work hard to keep that customer or determine if new customer segments are emerging.  Either will mean modifying an existing product or service offering or creating new products or services.


What it boils down to is the customer, and how well you understand them.  The best companies aren’t just marketing-centric, they’re customer-centric – well-cited examples – Amazon, Hilton, UPS, Apple.  If you’re customer-centric, then you can ensure that your brand strategy is spot on, rather than pressing a brand onto an unwilling marketplace or worse, one that simply isn’t listening.

A strategic marketing plan looking typically 3 years ahead can follow a structure or methodology but it cannot be forced.  More often than not, it is built upon the blocks of a company’s experience – and eventually, the blocks will be able to be manoeuvred into place and be stronger for it.  For that reason, and particularly if you’re a new business, you can begin with what’s affordable.  So social media marketing or if you’re developing on from that or you’re an e-commerce site, a digital marketing strategy to really make the most of your website asset.  There are a couple of routes here – Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) through good quality content marketing or Search Engine Marketing (SEM) through Pay Per Click (PPC).  All of these activities are spokes of the bigger marketing wheel, and while any one activity on its own would be deemed tactical rather than strategic, a smaller business needs to develop the individual building blocks in order to upscale the business.


Who is your Customer?

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Knowing your Customer

'Know thyself', the Ancient Greek aphorism inscribed in the Temple of Apollo has become inscribed in the knowledge bank of civilisation to this day. Let's now think 'Know thy customer' and get that inscribed top of mind. For without truly knowing this, you cannot effectively communicate with the people that keep your business afloat. You can communicate of course, pushing out social posts, emails, flyers, telephone calls in the general hope that you might hit lucky but the effort can so easily become lost or diluted amidst the competitiveness to be heard. Give yourself a chance; make it a well thought out, regular and properly targeted effort and build up your optimum 'kit' of channels that work together and ultimately deliver sales.

There is a certain logic to marketing and you will know from your own purchasing experiences as the 'target customer', how well it can be done. The technology is there but the groundwork needs to happen - know your customer and then, to be practical, group customers with similar needs and characteristics together, to form definable and measurable customer segments. CRM systems today are flexible enough to support segmented groups and social platforms have their own profiles enabling you to get the best fit for your own audience. Are you making the most of this?

Knowing your customer will be complex before you feel organised and comfortable with it being more than seemingly an academic exercise. With b2b, you need to go beyond 'industries' and, taking an example from b2c, focus instead on the buyer as an individual.

Communicating, writing content, getting interaction and engagement from content is emotive. No one wants to be sold to, but they do want to 'love' what you're doing. And if they love you, then they'll buy. And not just once but many times as the relationship is strengthened and nurtured through sensitive marketing.

If you feel you just need to tidy up your approach, set some goals, measure and learn, then scroll down to the Digital Marketing packages below.

If you feel that business really is stalling, then taking it back to a marketing plan will scrutinise the bigger picture surrounding your business.


Devise a Marketing Plan


Businesses generally have a good awareness of their business environment, so it is a case of extracting and prioritising that information. This forms the beginnings of a marketing plan. In some cases, it is necessary to compliment what the business already knows by doing further desk research in order to get the deeper insights. Time spent on this first, delivers a better outcome in the future. And once in the habit, it becomes a top up process rather than one off exercise, always feeding back into the marketing plan. Attitudinal research may also be a requirement to benchmark current attitudes of customers towards a company.

Marketing Plan

The closer we are to the business, the better the marketing plan. Finkk Marketing will take a business through various marketing models in order to show a different perspective and one that a business may not have thought of before. Or a business may be really quite well advanced and there is enough of a brief from their own marketing plan to launch into tactical measures straight away, with a marketing campaign (comprising one or all of the following - advertising, PR, content marketing)

“Dawn utilises her skills and marketing knowledge to best advantage in a complex technology driven business. She applies strategic tools and different ways of thinking to help us prioritise our efforts across our diverse markets within the UK.”

Peter Ho, General Manager, Fischer GB Ltd

Marketing Campaigns

A marketing campaign is generally a 6-8 month sustained exercise; a tactical measure based an a clear understanding of the overall marketing plan and its objectives.

A marketing campaign is created once you are clear of the direction you’re heading in. It generally encompasses a fuller range of advertising and search tools, from traditional media to SEO for online search and is likely to involve media buying, content creation and conceptual work for advertising.

Our campaigns are based on well considered design and copywriting concepts, the heart of the campaign, through to meticulous project management and budget control.

All marketing campaigns are fully integrated, with a well thought out advertising mix incorporating traditional media i.e posters, radio, through to content marketing. All campaigns are monitored throughout and results fed back on a regular basis to ensure objectives are still being met.


Content Marketing

Content Marketing

In our experience, companies look for more ideas and structure to their content marketing programme; for someone to make sense of digital marketing in it's wider context; in a world where customers get savvier, customer journeys get more erratic and new technologies and platforms spring up every day.

Content Marketing Definition

"Content marketing is a marketing technique of creating and distributing valuable, relevant and consistent content to attract and acquire a clearly defined audience – with the objective of driving profitable customer action." Institute of Content Marketing

All Companies Face Content Marketing Issues

Content marketing is a specialism in itself, having evolved in response to the proliferation of digital platforms, making the choice of where and how to market yourself much more complex. It can take an inordinate amount of time if not properly thought through and organised.

Content Marketing Organisation & Planning

Planned content strategies with a purpose can reap satisfying results. If you find yourself on a stop-start content marketing plan, consider an outside perspective to introduce a new vitality and the resources to stick to the plan.

Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) and Content Marketing

Content marketing is an intrinsic part of digital marketing and it now plays a big part in Search Engine Optimisation. With the emergence of website platforms with their own CMS's, clients' can take a bigger responsibility for their own SEO if they have time or inclination to do so. Google cites that there are 200 factors in meeting the criteria set in its search algorithm. While hours could be spent tweaking and fiddling, pulling off pages of intricate reports and worrying about the minute detail, simply prioritising and focusing on doing key criteria well is the more practical and less costly approach. So good content management, which in turn provides good quality, authoritative links to the site.

Look at it this way, Google and other search engines are simply looking for relevant websites that are in tune with their potential buyers' search criteria. Create considered, thoughtful content on a regular basis and please your actual customers. If your customers are pleased and coming back for more, so too will search bots and your ranking will naturally grow. Being organised with the right keywords across your website and in distributed content is important, as long as they're totally in context and naturally placed.

Content Curation and Authority

Generating content doesn't have to be all about creating your own unique content although this is the real golden nugget. Curating content from other authoritative relevant articles is a recognised and valuable way of boosting your SEO. And to the user, your customer, it demonstrates passion that you're well informed in your industry.

Browse our content marketing packages under 'Pricing' to kick-start your content marketing.


Metrics & Measurement

Setting Goals and Metrics for measurement

A custom dashboard is created for you, which will draw in real-time data from:

1. Any part of your Google Analytics account depending on goals
2. Your email marketing activity
3. Your social platforms, organic, sponsored or adverting
4. Your Google AdWords account
5. Call tracking software if you have it installed - Avanser, Call Rail, Call Tracking Metrics, Marchex, What converts.
6. Review software, Google Reviews or other software like BirdEye, GradeUs, Yext.

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Monitor keyphrases or the authority competitors have online

A marketing dashboard will be relevant to your business and your unique goals, enabling you to track against pre-set goals. The dashboard will present the macro view, with any element capable of being drilled into for the micro detail.

View the data anytime by using your unique sign in or request a monthly report. The key is only to show data that really matters. If SEO measurement is important, we would set you up for organic growth and monitor backlinks, in addition to share of ‘voice’ online. It could be that you wish to examine where your hard AdWords campaign or Linked In sponsorship cash is going; in which case we can draw the focus to that against pre-stated goals.

Let us know what is important to you and you’ll get an at a glance visual representation included in the package price if you opt for monthly help.


The Brief

The marketing brief is an important part of the process.  It doesn’t have to be lengthy but it must be clear to both parties and agreed on for the best results.


If you feel your marketing could be sharpened up, with more attention given to quality over quantity, then you can start the process online now.  Alternatively, use the Chatbox for questions or to set up a meeting.  Or call 01794 874 408 if you prefer to talk through your situation and needs.

Please complete the 5 simple questions (2 minutes duration) below which will serve as a brief for Taster, Starter and Pro packages above. If you’re interested in Enterprise, and happy to start the process online, then please complete the survey (5 minutes duration) here >>

Create your own user feedback survey

Finkk Marketing has asked for your email address in the Brief survey, so that we can follow up with a preliminary discussion/proposal, having been supplied with some essential facts.  We do not use it for email marketing purposes.

Thank you for taking the time to send in your Brief in order to explore the efficiencies we can achieve with your marketing budget.


Pricing Plans

Scalable Digital Solutions

We've created 4 simple pricing options which cater for basic content through to more comprehensive marketing support for small to medium-sized businesses. These are packages that have been tried, tested and used by our clients. However, marketing is a varied business and being experienced and versatile means we can quote or recommend services for custom needs to include how and where to use marketing automation software.
However, the packages address a need of many small businesses who just want a quick and fast initial solution that feels both controllable and scalable.

Our Solutions can become your In-house Solutions

New start up's and young companies often don't have time initially for the time-consuming business of generating good quality, sustainable content, so paying a reasonable monthly fee for work that you can't easily do in-house is a perfect option. We're also able to recommend marketing automation solutions for you to go solo with your own marketing - from email marketing, curating and social posting, through to more complete marketing automation systems that either comprise their own CRM or which integate easily with your own cloud-based CRM.

Water Baby

Get a feel for the discipline of taking responsibility for your own site's SEO, the type of content which works and how regular, consistent & careful posting pays off.


This is often used as a top-up service, with aspects being done in-house or it can work as a progression from Test the Water.


This is just enough for a smaller business & improvements will be seen across all platforms, and in the overall ranking for important keywords in time.

Dive - Enterprise

For larger SME's or ambitious startups. Because each company is unique, a number of services are available. A minimum of 3 days per month will be dedicated to the company where working in-house is an option.

Water Baby

£180 per month

  • Marketing review/benchmark
  • 1 content rich blog post p/mth
  • 4 social posts/mth
  • a social metrics report


£400 per month

  • Marketing review/benchmark
  • Goal definition
  • 2 content rich blog posts p/mth
  • 6 social posts p/mth
  • bespoke live marketing dashboard
  • Keyword & competitor monitoring

Snorkle - Most Popular - Save 5%

£600 per month

  • Marketing review/benchmark
  • Goal definition
  • 3 content rich blog posts
  • Up to 10 social posts
  • Bespoke live dashboard & reporting
  • Keyword & competitor monitoring
  • 1 email marketing campaign p/m

Dive - Enterprise

£945 +per month

  • Strategic marketing & modelling
  • Tactical marketing plans & ongoing project management
  • Creative/conceptual advertising campaign mgt
  • Desk market/ competitor research
  • Goal identifying & measurement parameters
  • A live bespoke dashboard with reporting

How will it work?

Clicking the 'Start Here' button takes you to a questionnaire for basic of information. This will enable us to familiarise ourselves with the company and get a feel for the type of content that would work. Each package allows for a certain amount of time each month, so depending on the complexity of the business, the first month may not deliver each and every item. This avoids a specific set up fee. The marketing review may also highlight other issues that may need addressing. Finkk will write a brief proposal following the review, and it is at this point that the company agrees to proceed. You also have the option to proceed no further. 3 weeks notice is required to terminate the monthly work, and any work completed in that month will be invoiced pro rata.

Ad Hoc Projects

Off the shelf content marketing programmes, marketing planning or bespoke marketing campaigns may not be what you're looking for. If you have a one-off project you'd like to discuss or a specific marketing problem to solve, then please get in touch. We have a lot of experience of many different marketing situations and we'd love to offer our perspective.


Marketing Projects

Finkk Marketing has worked on a variety of client projects, undertaking long-term project work in many instances.  Our relationships tend to be long-standing and we thrive on referrals.

Moyles Court SchoolFinkk has worked with Moyles Court School since 2014, being part of the transition from a charity to becoming part of a local Education Group.  Finkk has gone on to secure the trust of the Broadway Group and work with other schools in the Group, working on marketplace positioning, branding, website development & SEO, advertising campaign management, setting of KPI’s and campaign monitoring and measurement.

Working with Finkk Marketing has worked really well for us. We have been able to tap into a wealth of creativity and marketing expertise, safe in the knowledge that we have costs controlled and a targeted approach. We never could have made the market impact we did without their help.  The creative work produced by Finkk has been amazing. They fully understood the brief and produced images that truly captured what we wanted to express“. Bursar Moyles Court

Finkk testimonialFinkk Marketing has worked with the UK subsidiary Fischer GB for many years as an external marketing consultant, coordinating specific marketing campaigns as required to support UK sales across a broad range of high tech instrumentation in a diverse and competitive landscape.  Introduced concept of inbound marketing as a process for lead generation.

“Dawn utilises her skills and marketing knowledge to best advantage in a complex technology-driven business. She applies strategic tools and different ways of thinking to help us prioritise our efforts across our diverse markets within the UK.” Peter Ho, General Manager, Fischer Instrumentation GB Ltd

EHE consumables


I have worked with the sales & marketing director on ad hoc projects for many years, from early days with Thermatool to supporting other entrepreneurial initiatives since then.  Finkk initially developed the website, which is now maintained in-house by the company.


“I have used Dawn on several projects and she is a creative and flexible supplier with good ideas for a wide variety of what we consider to be, quite technical products. Often we give her very basic briefs but she always comes up with plenty of innovative and interesting concepts” Pete Bond, EHE Consumables Ltd.


Finkk testimonial

Finkk Marketing has worked with Flack Manor Brewery since 2013, when the brewery was just 3 years old.  It has thrived and grown, with a very clear marketing differential in that it combines local provenance with the traditional double drop method of brewing.  Finkk runs a content marketing programme for Flack Manor – blogging, Facebook, Twitter, and maintains the Flack Manor website.


“Finkk Marketing is a long-standing and reliable supplier ­who provide quick turnaround of our marketing collateral and at a price we consider to be really good value.” Mick Watt, Royal Institute of Navigation

“I have recommended you guys as not only producing excellent work but also being mindful of costs, keen to develop new client relationships and highly responsive”.  Paul Dyer, founder Influence Inc/Deputy CRO FCA

“I have regular Google Analytics bespoke reporting from Dawn/Finkk and find the insights I gain to be of good value, particularly as I invest substantially in PR. I have analytics goals in place and am pleased that we’re now using Google Analytics to best advantage. ” Simon Scutt, Founder/Owner On Foot Holidays

Finkk testimonial

Finkk Marketing began marketing St Michael’s School in Llanelli after working for the Broadway Group who have Moyles Court School in their portfolio.  Two consecutive marketing campaigns were run over two years – for the Sixth Form and then for Prep School.

In addition a new website was developed and marketing collateral re-branded.  The school now successfully self-manage the website CMS as had been the plan.  Finkk now enjoy ad hoc projects with this successful academic independent school.

[The prospectus] “has come together beautifully and looks great! It really does stand out and will present well online too. It’s much more high impact than a lot of the drab and traditional booklets out there at other schools. Your team have certainly given it the feel I wanted” Benson Ferrari, Headteacher, St Mikes

Finkk Marketing works with long term associates and business partners Finkk Ltd for all creative and web development work.  You can see the portfolio here> Graphic design and web design portfolio  



Finkk Marketing is Dawn Brown, a CIM Chartered Marketer who is part of a long-established freelance network in the South of England, with marketing, graphic design, web development, coding and content development at its core.

Finkk Marketing was founded in 2007, although the network concept first materialised in 2000, with core members already freelancing and sharing work.  The idea was to minimise overheads and offer un-inflated rates for the same professional marketing, design and website development service that an agency might offer.

Dawn gained a post-graduate diploma in Marketing and first moved into industrial PR and marketing with Chloride, followed by two career moves within Dun & Bradstreet International relocating to High Wycombe.  Being a keen sailor competing in club, JOG and RORC racing most weekends meant a return to the South was inevitable, and the opportunity lay with a full-service advertising agency looking to extend their account management team.  Dawn developed many accounts into regular, sustained business for the agency, most notably Gales Brewery (George Gale & Co) working on beer branding and promotions for its pub estate, branding for the Beatrice Royal Art Gallery, SCATS Countrystores, Hood Sailmakers and its sponsorship of the Round the World Yacht Race and Yeoman Navigation.

After several years, an opportunity arose to go freelance at first and then grow that freelance business with other professionals in the related fields of design and website development.

Dawn’s aim and that of the network is to simply gain more business for a client in an ethical, professional and impartial way; by advising on the right mix of marketing tools and techniques for any given client objective and setting up appropriate measurement for future decision making.

Finkk Marketing, Basepoint

Photo courtesy of Basepoint

Dawn Brown operates from Basepoint business centre in Romsey, helping you define what you need and then planning what needs to happen.  The path then splits; where you can be empowered to action the plan yourself (with staff training if needed) or continue with professional project management as an outsourced activity.  At each stage, you will know what we’re doing and why; with an eye on the anticipated outcome at all times.

Take advantage of a very experienced team, who continue to help businesses overcome typical marketing issues or problems or who have very specific goals which they want to accomplish.  Call now and let’s explore options.

Dawn Brown MCIM





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