The Question of Marketing Dashboards

A Marketing Dashboard is a fantastic visualisation product which brings all of your essential decision making data into one place before your very eyes.  But in order to reap the benefits of this mini utopia, you need to be prepared for a lot of legwork, mind- mapping exactly what you want from the data and what data you have access to.

Saying that, it is good to test drive what marketing dashboards are available in order to get you thinking and plotting out what is actually useful to you.  I haven’t done an exhaustive study of all marketing dashboards, I leave that to someone like G2Crowd.  However, my intention was to scan and then pick three that i genuinely felt would be of use to my client base.

Tableau marketing dashboard

The more sophisticated the tool (Tableau is probably the most versatile and comprehensive marketing visualisation tool with a user friendly tag and i say ‘user friendly lightly), the more it is vital to know the questions you want answered.  I began with the 14 day trial of the cloud based analytics tool and although there is still a great deal more to learn about Tableau Online & Desktop, I could see how it best fitted clients who are keen to analyse their internal sales and marketing data, and it is in this area where the tool is very powerful in showing actionable visualisation.  It also integrates with Salesforce, so for a company using Salesforce as a CRM, there is a great benefit.  This also enables an agency to become involved in the data if the client permits.  You can also connect social media and Google Analytics accounts.   With an intial outlay of $1,900, with $500 per user per anum for the cloud based tool, it is extremely cost efficient if you’re able to use its full functionality ie  the analysis of all sales and marketing data.  If you’re looking to measure the effectiveness of content marketing, then it is borderline in terms of cost effectiveness.  To be fair, it requires a thorough trial to make this final decision and for that, you really need to know what you want out of it.

I have dipped into various data analysis products for a few years and the data visualisation products available now are as varied as the data required from them.  They each have strengths and weaknesss and G2Crowd is a useful first point of call to do a first sift of products/software available as the platform seeks to amalgamate and review all software products in the marketplace.  For companies or agencies seeking to dashboard marketing activity only, then Trackur and Megalytic have strengths in Google Analytics and Social Media data.   It could be argued that you are seeing only a fraction of the picture, however, the biggest priority is on reviewing KPI’s and ensuring that  Google Analytics is set up correctly for what we want to achieve; since the data visualisation is only as good as what you ask it to do.

And for that there is the perfect article – An example of setting up a Marketing Dashboard with actionable KPI’s