St. Michael’s Website – A pupil’s perspective

St. Michael’s Website – A pupil’s perspective

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The new St. Michael’s School website has to work not just for domestic pupils, age 3 to age 18 and their parents but also for international students.  We loved this comment from an international student on the new website:

“O wow! I absolutely love the new website.

I haven’t been on the school site for a little while now, just thought to check this evening for recent news, articles etc, you can’t imagine my joy when I saw it. I was pleasantly surprised.

It’s really nice and informative, good use of visuals too. A very well done to the team”

Funlola (Nigerian student)

Yes, we’ll keep tracking the site to make sure it continues to perform from an SEO perspective and to pick up signs that the marketing campaign is driving traffic but having a live comment from a real user so soon is perfect.