Blog Posts – The Tough Reality

How hard is it when you’re an extremely streamlined operation to keep up with those blog posts.  So, how do you stop this happening, when one week goes into the next and there’s STILL NO BLOG POST.  The answer – you write down a blog plan; brainstorm a series of topics to create a real sense of flow rather than stop start.  So, for example, make something of real life client situations; they’re real, they’ve helped clients achieve real benefits and provided value.  And the chances are someone else will learn from them too.  Any problems overcome make very valuable content that’s more often than not, original. Authorship and unique content are the gems.  Develop a few unique contents and intersperse with ‘sharing’.  That is, stuff that you haven’t authored but that you would have done given the chance because you know it will be useful to your customers or clients.

Next – commit to a regular blog posting time – if you think you can handle one per week, go with that but it’s important to strike out some time – half an hour on a Monday morning can be good before you get bogged down in the week’s events but also think about when your audience may have the time to read it.  So, it’s a bit like committing to a running program, carve out a small chunk of time (religiously) and just do it.  After the first mile of pain, it should get much better.