Let Go of What Made Your Company Great

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This article in HRB cites, among others, IBM’s brick wall in the 1990’s or as it was termed in Moore’s ‘Crossing the Chasm’, the FUD factor (Fear, Uncertainty, Doubt).   As marketers, you discuss differential advantage but often, the larger the organisation, the greater the tendency to discuss what was the differential advantage rather than what is.  With marketing environments continually changing, a differential, if based on an original core competency, could come under attack at any point or worse, get slowly eroded.  There should be less of the splash ‘in business for over 50 years’ to something a little less backward looking.

You can read the full article from HRB below, which shows interesting ideas on how to ‘get out’ of that almost immortalised situation.

How to selectively forget the past from HBR.org http://ift.tt/1qQQzFg