5 Subtly Effective Marketing Strategies You Never Considered Before

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This article in Forbes on marketing strategies demonstrates how not losing sight of the simple, could be the trigger to much greater success.  It relates particularly to social media marketing, a regular battleground if ever there was one.  At Finkk, we try to keep it simple and go with what instinctively feels right for the audience in question, the persona to be more exact.   The author is right in saying that the skill is in writing fewer words but to very great effect.  I would add that that, doesn’t just relate to the actual content, the words, it also relates also to the frequency of posts – fewer sensibly timed is better than multiple ‘stabs’ at it, where you run the risk of ‘switch off’ from the very people you’re trying to attract.

You can read more from Forbes below:

Content is king has become something of a buzzword in the world of Internet marketing. And 98% of marketers say this is their core strategy. To an extent, it’s true, but if you think you are going to post lots of content and reap the rewards you are sadly mistaken. There’s far more to making your business a success than that.

via Forbes – Entrepreneurs http://ift.tt/1QaQ90J