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We like to start at the beginning - if we can

You’re here because you need marketing help of some kind but sometimes (and we’ve all had those can’t see the wood for the trees moments) it’s not always possible to say exactly what you need. And the fact that there appears to be endless possibilities just doesn’t help. Well, relax. Let us just see if we haven’t come across a similar situation before, the advantage of long experience, or it could be that some completely fresh new insight is needed.

Whichever route it is, let us ask the right questions and then dip into our marketing skillset to propose the best marketing solution for you.

Long term better value

It's all about value; adding value to your business rather than simply executing a task. And to do this we will seek to understand your strategy, goals and aspirations first. It could be that you don't have a formal strategy - so that is something we could work on if you wish.

We’ve been around a while and have become immersed in many different types of small to medium sized businesses. Our marketing experience is broad ranging and our recommendations totally unbiased. Looking from the outside in, it is possible to either affirm that what a business is doing is sound or confirm that it is off-track and set about a marketing approach designed for the business.

“Finkk Marketing also collaborates with associates Finkk Ltd to offer creative design and website development. Collaborating in this way delivers consistency for the brand and a competitive price across many services.”


Marketing Planning


Businesses generally have a good awareness of their business environment, so it is a case of extracting that information, often in the heads of business owners or managers, and making use of it. This forms the beginnings of a marketing plan. In some cases, it is necessary to compliment what the business already knows by doing further desk research in order to get the deeper insights. Time spent on this first, delivers a better outcome in the future. And once in the habit, it becomes a top up process rather than one off exercise, always feeding back into the marketing plan.

Marketing Plan

The closer we are to the business, the better the marketing plan. Finkk Marketing will take a business through various marketing models in order to show a different perspective and one that a business may not have thought of before. Or a business may be really quite well advanced and there is enough of a brief from their own marketing plan to launch into tactical measures straight away, with a marketing campaign (comprising one or all of the following - advertising, PR, content marketing)


Marketing Campaigns

Briefing for a marketing campaign

A brief from the client will be needed for a marketing campaign and the more comprehensive, the better the result. Please see the attached PDF for information required. If the answer to some or all of these questions is not clear, then it is advised to take a step or two back and start work on gaining further insights.
A marketing campaign is created once you are clear of the direction you’re heading in. It generally encompasses advertising, PR and content marketing and will involve media buying, content creation and conceptual work for advertising.

Project management

Our campaigns are based on well thought out design and copywriting concepts, the heart of the campaign, through to meticulous project management and budget control.
All marketing campaigns are fully integrated, with a well thought out advertising mix incorporating traditional media i.e posters, radio, through to content marketing. All campaigns are monitored throughout and results fed back on a regular basis to ensure objectives are still being met.


Content Marketing Inspiration

“Dawn utilises her skills and marketing knowledge to best advantage in a complex technology driven business. She applies strategic tools and different ways of thinking to help us prioritise our efforts across our diverse markets within the UK.”

Peter Ho, General Manager Fischer Instrumentation GB Ltd

Content Marketing

In our experience, companies scream out for ideas and structure to their content marketing programme; for someone to make sense of digital marketing in it's wider context; in a world where customers get savvier, customer journeys get more erratic and new technologies and platforms spring up every day.

Content Marketing Definition

"Content marketing is a marketing technique of creating and distributing valuable, relevant and consistent content to attract and acquire a clearly defined audience – with the objective of driving profitable customer action."
Institute of Content Marketing

All Companies Face Content Marketing Issues

Content marketing is a specialism in itself, having evolved in response to the proliferation of digital platforms, making the choice of where and how to market yourself much more complex. It can take an inordinate amount of time if not properly thought through and organised.

Content Marketing Organisation & Planning

Planned content strategies with a purpose can reap satisfying results. If you find yourself on a stop start content marketing plan, consider that an outside perspective can introduce a new vitality and the resources to stick to the plan.

“I have regular Google Analytics bespoke reporting from Dawn/Finkk and find the insights I gain to be of good value, particularly as I invest substantially in PR. I have analytics goals in place and am pleased that we’re now using Google Analytics to best advantage. ”

Simon Scutt, Founder/Owner On Foot Holidays


Digital Marketing Power

Digital solutions

So you're looking for a digital solution only?
We split the digital side of the business into 4 parts, starting with digital insights in terms of how well your website and current digital marketing is performing together with the digital landscape in which you trade.
Content can be standalone if you have systems in place and just need a top up of content ideas and someone adding to your content hub.

Planning and measurement

Planning tends to go hand in hand with insights and content generation. Many businesses get going on content marketing, but find themselves drying up and then losing faith in what they're doing with it.
Measurement is more attainable than ever before but unless you have an automated marketing system, we'll need to put pen to paper and devise a system (manual or otherwise) which works for you.


Insight gathering using your Analytics package and other mostly free tools. This, combined with industry experience and a smattering of common sense provides a firm foundation on which to build and clear objectives which simply make sense.


Packaging company knowledge into really useful content and presenting it in an informative and attractive way. This also deals with the 'where' and as such goes hand in hand with planning. We'll find the best channels for getting your stuff in front of the right people.


Is there a case for you to utilise a marketing automation package? Suits some business but not all. There are other tools for the smaller business that, for a small monthly fee, help keep your content marketing organised. Write the plan, stick to the plan, modify the plan following the measurement stage.


This is tied in with planning because there's no point planning if you're not going to measure your efforts. We utilise many resources to measure sentiment as well as number crunching data and produce the outcomes in colourful, visual reports.

For Insights

For content

For planning

For all services


Griffin-House-2-150x150 mono

Griffin House, adjacent to City Hall

Finkk Marketing is a marketing consultancy designed for the small to medium sized business, looking to grow their business in an organic, manageable way.  We help you define what you need and then we plan what needs to happen.  The road then splits; we can empower you to action the plan yourself or we can project manage it for you.

Dawn Brown first created a marketing consultancy business in 2000, which was branded as Finkk Marketing in 2007.  Although digital marketing is a skill demanded in today’s world, Dawn Brown was a practicing marketer before the digital explosion and so is able to take a holistic view of your business before committing to a marketing plan.

The office is located in the centre of Salisbury, ajoining the City Hall and facing the Salisbury Playhouse.   The Millstream Car Park is minutes walk away from the Finkk Marketing office. Google Map.

Finkk Marketing works with a well established partner network comprising graphic design, web design and development, coders and video production specialists.

The core team behind the Finkk brand previously worked together in a large regional full service advertising agency and the relationship has remained strong ever since.  Dawn Brown is an MCIM Chartered Marketer and is professionally qualified in digital marketing with many years practical experience across a number of business sectors including both business-to-business (b2b) and business-to-consumer (b2c).





“I have recommended you guys as not only producing excellent work but also being mindful of costs, keen to develop new client relationships and highly responsive”.  Paul Dyer, Influence Inc

Working with Finkk Marketing has worked really well for us. We have been able to tap in to a wealth of creativity and marketing expertise, safe in the knowledge that we have costs controlled and a targeted approach. We never could have made the market impact we did without their help.  The creative work produced by Finkk has been amazing. They fully understood the brief and produced images that truly captured what we wanted to express“. Bursar Moyles Court School

“Dawn utilises her skills and marketing knowledge to best advantage in a complex technology driven business. She applies strategic tools and different ways of thinking to help us prioritise our efforts across our diverse markets within the UK.” Peter Ho, General Manager, Fischer Instrumentation GB Ltd

“I have used Dawn on several projects and she is a creative and flexible supplier with good ideas for a wide variety of what we consider to be, quite technical products. Often we give her very basic briefs but she always comes up with plenty of innovative and interesting concepts” Pete Bond, MD Superior Technologies Europe

“Finkk Marketing is a long standing and reliable supplier ­who provide quick turnaround of our marketing collateral and at a price we consider to be really good value.” Mick Watt, Royal Institute of Navigation



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St. Michael’s Website – A pupil’s perspective

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How much should you spend on advertising?

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